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SetNSContainerColor method

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Some ActiveX control containers, such as Microsoft Access, don't support non-rectangular controls correctly, so the control's bounding rectangle is not painted and has an undetermined color.

Use this method to force the bounding rectangle color at run-time.

IMPORTANT: This method has been created only for use with Microsoft Access: using it with other control containers such as VC++ or VB may result in unpredictable control rendering.




Visual Basic

control.SetNSContainerColor (color as long)


Visual C++

void control.SetNSContainerColor (COLORREF color);







Specifies the color, expressed in RGB, to be used to fill the control's bounding rectangle.


NOTE 1: you can avoid calling this method for each of the buttons created inside the various Access forms: simply call this method on the first created button passing -2 as a parameter: automatically all of the other buttons will try to obtain the color automatically from the respective container form.

NOTE 2: this method must not be used if you are using Visual FoxPro: you will see that also in this case the non-rectangular controls are not supported correctly but, due to a different internal implementation, you must use the BackColorContainer property in order to get rid of the problem.