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OptionGroupDelimiter property

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BOOL for Visual C++

integer for Visual Basic




object.OptionGroupDelimiter [=integer]




Determines if a radio button is set as group delimiter.

This property is available only when the control Style property is one of the following values: STYLE_RADIOBUTTON or STYLE_RADIOBUTTON_STD.

Specifies the first control of a group of radio buttons (also known as Option buttons). All radio buttons in the tab order after the first control with the OptionGroupDelimiter property set to FALSE belong to the same group. The next radio button in the tab order with the OptionGroupDelimiter property set to TRUE ends the first group of radio buttons and starts the next group.

Supported values are the following:




The button isn't a "group delimiter".

TRUE (default)

The button is a "group delimiter".


Below are two groups of radio buttons: the first control of every group must have the OptionGroupDelimiter property set to TRUE. Otherwise, clicking a button in one group will trigger an unexpected response in another group.




See the How to group Radio buttons together section for details.

NOTE: the use of this property is not necessary when the Radio buttons are created inside a control container (for example a Visual Basic frame or picture): 3D Active Button Magic also, starting from its version 8, can act as a control container.