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SplitButtonPicture property

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LPCTSTR for Visual C++

String for Visual Basic




object.SplitButtonPicture [=String]




The filename or HTTP URL of the picture or animation file displayed on the button.

Supported bitmap formats are BMP, ICO, GIF, JPG, TIF and PNG.

If the filename is an HTTP URL you can use the proprietary compressed format AMZ.

If you need to download the file from an FTP URL you can use the SetPictureFromNet method.

Below you can see two split buttons, the left one having the default south-headed arrow and the right one having a custom picture representing a blue south-headed arrow.

3dabm_i0001ad             3dabm_i0001af

This property is only used when the Style property of the control has been set to STYLE_SPLIT_BUTTON.

For further details about the use of the Split Button control, see the How to use the control as a Split Button section.