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How to use the SDK in your projects 
First of all let us say that if this guide should not be clear to you, feel free to contact our support team for any doubt or curiosity you may have: we usually answer all of our customers (and not) questions in less than 24 hours. Usage samples are available inside the directory used to install the SDK on you PC (default C:\Program Files\3D Button API\samples
This API is based upon the "Subclassing" concept: this means that every button and every button container (dialog box or form) must be managed by the API in order to change their rendering behavior. 
Buttons settings can be modified through their Properties and through their Functions. Furthermore, properties can be modified in two different modes: 
  • "Button Level" mode: the property is modified, only for the selected button, through a "Set" function: for example if you need to change the Shape property you will use the abmSetShape function. 
  • "Container Level" mode: the property is modified, for all the buttons inside the selected container, through the abmContainerSetting function, setting its nSetting parameter to SET_SHAPE
  • Other "Container Level" functions are abmContainerTextSetting and abmContainerFontSetting
    The basic steps required to change your applications user interface are very few and dependant from the development environment you use. Here follows the links to the procedures required by the most diffused development environment: 
    Visual C++ 6.0 (without MFC) 
    Visual C++ 6.0 and .NET (with MFC) 
    Visual Basic 6.0 
    Visual Basic .NET 
    Visual C# .NET 
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