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How to use pictures and sounds downloaded from the Internet 
In some case it could be necessary loading pictures, animations and sounds from an Internet site: for this purpose the following properties can accept HTTP URLs: 
Picture, PictureMouseOver, PicturePressed, PictureDisabled, PictureCustom, SoundDown, SoundUp, SoundMouseOver and SoundMouseOut
If you need to download from an FTP URL, which usually requires username and password, you can use the following methods: 
abmSetAnimFromNet, abmSetPictureFromNet and abmSetSoundFromNet
Some word about accepted file formats: apart from PNG, GIF and JPG formats used for Pictures properties, all the other formats (BMP, AVI and WAV) are uncompressed so, downloading them from the Internet, could be a lengthy operation; in order to avoid spending too much bandwidth we have provided a general purpose proprietary compressed format called AMZ