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How to use the control as a powerful text, picture or animation control 
Thanks to the features included in 3D Button API, it is possible to use it not only as a button, but also as a picture or animation control (or both in the same moment). 
Follow these steps: 
  • Set the Shape property to the value you prefer.  
  • Set the Clickable property to FALSE.  
  • Optionally set the button surface color to the color you think will best enhance the visibility of the picture or animation (may be the same color of the dialog or form background).  
  • Set the Picture property to the picture or animation file you want to display.  
  • Optionally set the PicturePressed property to an other picture.  
  • Optionally set the PictureMouseOver property to another picture or animation file.  
  • Optionally put some text over the button (see the How to put text over the button section)  
  • Optionally apply a SpecialEffect to the button (if applicable to the current Shape property value).  
  • If you want to display the picture or the animation transparently set the PictureTranspMode property to 1. 
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