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Caption property 
Caption text over the button. The text position is by default horizontally and vertically centered.
Get / Set functions
BSTR abmGetCaption
HWND hWndBtn 
void abmSetCaption
HWND hWndBtn
LPCTSTR strCaption 
Windows handle associated to the button.
String containing the caption text
The caption text can also be set/retrieved through the abmSetTextOnPos and abmGetTextOnPos functions. 
To set/retrieve the text font refer to the abmSetFontText and abmGetFontText functions. 
To change other settings of the caption text (color, position, effects, etc.) use the abmSetTextSettingOnPos and abmGetTextSettingOnPos functions. 
The caption text can be hidden/shown using the abmSetTextVisible function. 
If using the abmGetCaption function from within Visual Basic 6, remember to convert the returned value from UNICODE using the StrConv function and its related vbFromUnicode option, as in the sample below: 
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