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PictureMouseOver property 
The pathname or HTTP URL of the picture or animation file displayed on the button when the mouse is over the button itself. If not present the Picture property is used. 
It is possible to use windows bitmap files (extension BMP, GIF, JPG, ICO, TIF, or PNG) or animation files (extension GIF or AVI). 
If the filename is an HTTP URL it is possible to use the proprietary compressed format AMZ
If you need to download the file from an FTP URL it is possible to use the abmSetPictureFromNet function. 
To render a picture color transparent use the PictureTranspColor property. 
To make the picture background transparent use the PictureTranspMode property.
Get / Set functions
BSTR abmGetPictureMouseOver
HWND hWndBtn 
void abmSetPictureMouseOver
HWND hWndBtn
LPCTSTR strFilename 
Windows handle associated to the button.
String containing the picture pathname.
If you want to use AVI files, keep in mind that only simple AVI animations can be played. Specifically, the animations to be played by this control must meet the following requirements: 
· There must be exactly one video stream and it must have at least one frame. 
· There can be at most two streams in the file (typically the other stream, if present, is an audio stream, although the control ignores audio information). 
· No palette changes are allowed in the video stream. 
If using the abmGetPictureMouseOver function from within Visual Basic 6, remember to convert the returned value from UNICODE using the StrConv function and its related vbFromUnicode option, as in the sample below: 
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