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PictureNormal property (Cells) 
The filename of the picture file displayed on the cell, identified by the UniqueID parameter, when the button is enabled. 
Further information about cells management can be found inside the How to manage cells section.
Get / Set functions
Get function is not supported... 
void abmCellsSetPictureNormal
HWND hWndBtn
short nUniqueID
LPCTSTR strFilename 
Windows handle associated to the button.
Numerical value representing the cell's unique identifier.
The picture's filename. 
Supported bitmap formats are BMP, ICO, GIF, JPG, TIF and PNG. 
If the picture size exceed the cell dimensions, it will be clipped automatically. 
Picture can be changed also, through the handle of a bitmap loaded in memory, using the abmCellsSetPictureFromHandle function.
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