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How to manage button templates 
The definition of "button template" is very simple: a collection of settings, stored inside a file with .3BT extension, that will be applied to the button all at the same time. The use of button templates can speed up your button developments. 
There are two kinds of button templates: 
  • Normal template: Inside this kind of template all the button settings are stored apart from binaries file paths (for pictures, textures, sounds and cursor). 
  • Extended template: Inside this template all the settings are stored, including also extra information about the pathnames of pictures and textures files loaded through the Pictures Tab
  • A button template can be saved/loaded from the Application Main menu, selecting the Button item and then selecting one of the "template-related" sub-items. 
    3D Button Visual Editor already comes with a set of predefined templates, available inside the "Templates samples 1" and "Templates samples 2" Tabs: they can be freely used for your developments. 
    Here follows a reduced screenshot of these Tabs: 
    a set of templates for Vista's "Aero" style is provided 
    and a set of templates for Office 2003 and Office 2007 styles are provided as well 
    When inside 3D Button Visual Editor, simply click one of these templates and their settings will be automatically transferred to the button under editing. 
    You can also define a set of templates for future uses through the Your templates Tab 
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