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Using 3D Button Visual Editor as a Microsoft FrontPage COM Add-in 
3D Button Visual Editor (Professional edition) can be used as an "COM Add-in" for the following Microsoft products: 
  • Microsoft FrontPage 2000 (distributed inside the Microsoft Office 2000 suite) 
  • Microsoft FrontPage 2002 (distributed inside the Microsoft Office XP suite) 
  • As you may know, an "add-in" extends a Microsoft Office application (in this case FrontPage) by adding functionality that is not in the core product: a functionality currently not available inside FrontPage is the ability to create 3D buttons and navigation bars for your site without leaving the current FrontPage session. 
    When you install 3D Button Visual Editor (Professional edition) on your PC, it will automatically register itself as a FrontPage "COM Add-in", so you won't have to make any further action to use it from your FrontPage environment. Once the product has been successfully installed, opening FrontPage you will see the following new toolbar: 
    As you can see there are only two buttons inside this toolbar: 
  • Create 3D button: this button passes a text string to 3D Button Visual Editor which will transform the given text string into a 3D button or into a Navigation bar with the possibility to create outstanding Rollover effect: note that no HTML or JavaScript knowledge is required, because the needed code will be automatically generated and inserted inside your FrontPage document. 
  • Redo last 3D button effect: this button will apply the same settings to the currently selected text, without the need of editing the button characteristics again. 
    Creating a 3d button using this add-in is very straightforward: 
  • Launch Microsoft FrontPage and open the document you want to modify. 
  • Enter a text string, for example Home page and, using the mouse, select it. In case you should need to create a Navigation bar, separate every item of the bar using the character sequence "||" entering the | character twice (if not available on your keyboard you can use the ALT+0124 sequence on your numerical keypad): for example you could enter the following sequence: Home page||Products||Downloads||About us||Links and, selecting it with your mouse and going ahead, you would obtain a Navigation bar with 5 buttons. 
  • Save the current FrontPage document on your hard-disk 
  • Press the button  
  • At this point the add-in dialog box will display (note that if you are creating a Navigation bar, only the first button of the navigation bar will be displayed). 
  • As you can see, the application menu has been reduced in order to support the following features. 
  • -- -- -- -- --  
    Item name
    Load template
    Loads a button template from a previous saved file template.
    Save template
    Saves a button template into a Normal file template.
    Save Extended template
    Saves a button template into an Extended file template.
    Save and Exit
    Exits the 3D button editor exporting the generated picture file into Microsoft FrontPage.
    Exit without saving
    Exits the application without exporting any picture file.
  • From this screen you will have the opportunity to change the current button characteristics using the available features: as you may note, the 3D button is automatically created using the text selected inside FrontPage and surrounded by the same background color used inside the FrontPage document (an important note regarding the FrontPage documents background color can be found here). 
  • Once you have applied all the modification needed to the button in order to fit your needs, select the Save and Exit menu item: this will cause the 3D button editor to close, passing the new button image to the add-in
  • At this point the add-in will display a dialog box that will allow saving the image in a format of choice, applying some further setting (like JPEG quality or GIF error diffusion) and deciding if it must apply a Rollover effect to the created 3D button; this dialog box will give you also a preview of the final 3D button image and information about the size of the compressed image. 
  • Pressing the OK button will cause the dialog box to close, replacing the original selected text with the edited 3D button image, while pressing the Cancel button will cause the export operation to be aborted.. 
  • The 3D button image has been created: if you should have more than one text string you want to convert into an image, using the same settings of the previously created 3D button, all you have to do is to follow the next steps: 
  • Using the mouse, select the next text string you need to convert into a 3D button. 
  • Press the "magic button"  available on the toolbar. 
  • At this point the add-in will display the previously described dialog box, allowing to chose the image format and to decide if a Rollover effect must be created.. 
  • Pressing the OK button will cause the dialog box to close, replacing the original selected text with the just edited 3D button image. 
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