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How to add a texture to the button's surface (Textures Tab) 
Below you can see a sample of a button with a blue marble texture applied. 
Click over the image below in order to be taken to every available setting explanation: 
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Item name
Texture preview
Preview of the loaded texture picture
The mode used to display a texture over the button surface.
Mix with Color
The color that will be mixed to the texture.
"Change..." button
This button will open the color choice dialog box
"Undefine" button
This button will set the color mixed to the texture to an "undefined" state: when a color is set to "undefined" no color mixing is performed. 
The "undefined" state is represented with the  symbol in place of the color.
Mix percentage
The mixing percentage between the texture and the chosen color.
Light intensity percentage
The intensity of the light hitting the texture
Browse button
Browses the current PC folders for a texture picture. 
Supported texture formats are: BMP, JPG and PNG.
Delete button
Deletes the current texture picture
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