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Defining web page background color 
The Problem: 
Unless specifically defined otherwise (i.e., through the use of HTML tags and/or style "themes"), FrontPage 2000 will display a web page as having a white background. However, when a web page does not have a defined background color, Netscape will display the same page with a gray background. In almost every instance, the page looks much worse in gray than white! In FrontPage, you have no visual clue that this will happen because the default is "display with white background." 
The Solution: 
When you create a new web page, make sure to go into the page properties and explicitly define the background as white, not default (the color choice boxes look the same but are in different locations). And as always, make sure to check how the web page looks in both Netscape and Internet Explorer. It will look different because each browser renders the code slightly differently. The goal is to have it look acceptable in both. 
  • Open web page in "Normal" view in FrontPage 2000. 
  • Place the cursor anywhere within the document window and right click. 
  • Select the "Page Properties" choice from the dialogue window that appears. 
  • Select the Background tab. 
  • Pull down the color menu next to the word "Background". 
  • Select the white square. 
  • Click "OK"  
  • Each user can specify the default colors to be used on their browser when a web page doesn't include specific color rendering information. If your default is set to white, a page will appear white on your machine that would appear gray on someone's browser with "standard" default settings!  
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