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Picture property

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[Visual Basic]

Public Overridable Property Picture As String



public virtual string Picture {get; set;}



public: __property virtual String* get_Picture();

public: __property virtual void set_Picture(String*);




The filename of the picture or animation file displayed on the button.

Supported bitmap formats are BMP, ICO, GIF, JPG, TIF and PNG while supported animation formats are GIF and AVI.

To make the picture background transparent use the PictureTranspMode property.

To render a picture color transparent use the PictureTranspColor property.

In order to perform changes to Pictures and Animations settings at Design-time take a look to the How to display bitmaps and animations section.




If you want to use AVI files, keep in mind that only simple AVI animations can be played. Specifically, the animations to be played by this control must meet the following requirements:

· There must be exactly one video stream and it must have at least one frame.

· There can be at most two streams in the file (typically the other stream, if present, is an audio stream, although the control ignores audio information).

· No palette changes are allowed in the video stream.

At design time only the first frame of the AVI or GIF animation is displayed on the control; to see the whole animation it is necessary to run the control.

Setting pictures and animation at design time will not require to redistribute the picture or animation files because their binary will be stored inside the final application code in a compressed format (the redistribution is required only when there is the need of changing and restoring the picture or animation at runtime).