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ShapeHeadFactor property

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[Visual Basic]

Public Property ShapeHeadFactor As Integer



public short ShapeHeadFactor {get; set;}



public: __property short get_ShapeHeadFactor();

public: __property void set_ShapeHeadFactor(short);




The head factor for shapes like arrows and keyholes. The line factor for these shapes can be modified through the ShapeLineFactor property.

The head factor range is between 1 and 100: if the value exceeds this range, 50 will be assumed; by default the factor 50 is selected.

Applies only when the Shape property is set to SHAPE_ARROW or SHAPE_KEYHOLE

Here the ShapeHeadFactor property is set to 50 (default):

3dcm_i0000df 3dcm_i0000e0

here the ShapeHeadFactor property is set to 90:

3dcm_i0000e1 3dcm_i0000e2

here the ShapeHeadFactor property is set to 5:

3dcm_i0000e3 3dcm_i0000e4

all of the pictures above have the ShapeLineFactor property set to 50.