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MidiDjConsole.ProfileDisplayNameGetByMidiCommand method

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Given parameters of a short MIDI command, obtains the name of the VFD display control item stored inside the DJ Console profile having this specific MIDI command, if available. See the MidiDjConsole.ProfileDisplayMidiCommandSet method for details about the structure of a short MIDI command representing a VFD display control item.


The combination of MIDI command parameters is usually defined inside the technical specifications of the physical DJ Console and may vary a lot depending upon the DJ Console in use.


For further details about interfacing with MIDI DJ Consoles see the MidiDjConsole object section and the How to manage MIDI DJ consoles tutorial.





[Visual Basic]

control.MidiDjConsole.ProfileDisplayNameGetByMidiCommand (

nMidiCommand as Integer,

nMidiChannel as Integer,

nMidiControlCode as Integer

) as String



BSTR control.MidiDjConsole.ProfileDisplayNameGetByMidiCommand (

short nMidiCommand,

short nMidiChannel,

short nMidiControlCode








The MIDI command issued when display's content needs to be modified. In many cases the value of this parameter is 176 (hex B0) which indicates a "Control change" MIDI command.


The number representing the MIDI channel.


The number representing the code of the VFD display control item sent through the Data1 byte of the short MIDI command.



Return value






Empty string

No range control item available having the provided MIDI command is stored inside the profile.

Valid string

String containing the name of the display item having the provided MIDI command.