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Effects.DirectXEffectParamsSet method (Interactive3DLevel2Reverb)

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Sets parameters related to the Interactive 3D Level 2 Reverb effect. The current parameters for the chosen effect can be retrieved using the Effects.DirectXEffectParamsGet method.


DirectX effects requires the availability of DirectX version 8 or higher on the target system and can be applied only if the IsDirectX8Available method returns TRUE.


See the How to apply special effects to a playing sound section for further details.





[Visual Basic]

Public Function DirectXEffectParamsSet (

nPlayerIndex as Int16,

ByRef fx as Microsoft.DirectX.DirectSound.EffectsInteractive3DLevel2Reverb

) as enumErrorCodes



public enumErrorCodes DirectXEffectParamsSet (

Int16 nPlayerIndex,

ref Microsoft.DirectX.DirectSound.EffectsInteractive3DLevel2Reverb fx




public: enumErrorCodes DirectXEffectParamsSet (

Int16 nPlayerIndex,

Microsoft::DirectX::DirectSound::EffectsInteractive3DLevel2Reverb __gc *fx









Number representing the zero-based index of the involved player


Reference to the effect structure containing parameters to apply.






Retrieves and sets the ratio of the decay time at high frequencies to the decay time at low frequencies.

Can range from Interactive3DLevel2ReverbEffect.DecayHfRatioMin to Interactive3DLevel2ReverbEffect.DecayHfRatioMax.

The default value is Interactive3DLevel2ReverbEffect.DecayHfRatioDefault or 0.83.


Retrieves and sets the decay time expressed in seconds.

Can range from Interactive3DLevel2ReverbEffect.DecayTimeMin to Interactive3DLevel2ReverbEffect.DecayTimeMax.

The default value is Interactive3DLevel2ReverbEffect.DecayTimeDefault or 1.49 seconds.


Retrieves and sets the modal density in the late reverberation decay expressed in percent.

Can range from Interactive3DLevel2ReverbEffect.DensityMin to Interactive3DLevel2ReverbEffect.DensityMax.

The default value is Interactive3DLevel2ReverbEffect.DensityDefault or 100 percent.


Retrieves and sets the echo density in the late reverberation decay expressed in percent.

Can range from Interactive3DLevel2ReverbEffect.DiffusionyMin to Interactive3DLevel2ReverbEffect.DiffusionMax.

The default value is Interactive3DLevel2ReverbEffect.DiffusionDefault or 100 percent.


Retrieves and sets the reference high frequency expressed in hertz.

Can range from Interactive3DLevel2ReverbEffect.HfReferenceyMin to Interactive3DLevel2ReverbEffect.HfReferenceMax.

The default value is Interactive3DLevel2ReverbEffect.HfReferenceDefault or 5000.0 Hz.


Retrieves and sets the attenuation of early reflections relative to Room expressed in millibels (mB).

Can range from Interactive3DLevel2ReverbEffect.ReflectionsMin to Interactive3DLevel2ReverbEffect.ReflectionsMax.

The default value is Interactive3DLevel2ReverbEffect.ReflectionsDefault or -2602 mB.


Retrieves and sets the delay time of the first reflection relative to the direct path expressed in seconds.

Can range from Interactive3DLevel2ReverbEffect.ReflectionsDelayMin to Interactive3DLevel2ReverbEffect.ReflectionsDelayMax.

The default value is Interactive3DLevel2ReverbEffect.ReflectionsDelayDefault or 0.007 seconds.


Retrieves and sets the attenuation of late reverberation relative to Room expressed in millibels (mB).

Can range from Interactive3DLevel2ReverbEffect.ReverbMin to Interactive3DLevel2ReverbEffect.ReverbMax.

The default value is Interactive3DLevel2ReverbEffect.ReverbDefault or -200 mB.


Retrieves and sets the time limit between the early reflections and the late reverberation relative to the time of the first reflection expressed in seconds.

Can range from Interactive3DLevel2ReverbEffect.ReverbDelayMin to Interactive3DLevel2ReverbEffect.ReverbDelayMax.

The default value is Interactive3DLevel2ReverbEffect.ReverbDelayDefault or 0.011 seconds.


Retrieves and sets the attenuation of the room effect expressed in millibels (mB).

Can range from Interactive3DLevel2ReverbEffect.RoomMin to Interactive3DLevel2ReverbEffect.RoomMax.

The default value is Interactive3DLevel2ReverbEffect.RoomDefault or -1000 mB.


Retrieves and sets the attenuation of the room high-frequency effect expressed in millibels (mB).

Can range from Interactive3DLevel2ReverbEffect.RoomHfMin to Interactive3DLevel2ReverbEffect.RoomHfMax.

The default value is Interactive3DLevel2ReverbEffect.RoomHfDefault or -100 mB.


Retrieves and sets the rolloff factor for the reflected signals.

Can range from Interactive3DLevel2ReverbEffect.RoomRolloffFactorMin to Interactive3DLevel2ReverbEffect.RoomRolloffFactorMax.

The default value is Interactive3DLevel2ReverbEffect.RoomRolloffFactorDefault or 0.0.



Return value






Negative value

An error occurred (see the LastError property for further error details)

Note that if you should fill the fx structure with values out of range, you could get an exception of type ArgumentException

enumErrorCodes.NOERROR (0)

The method call was successful.