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CddbGetTrackTitle method

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Retrieves the CDDB title of the given track for the CD currently inside the given CD drive.


See the How to get CD album information from a CDDB server tutorial for further details.





[Visual Basic]

Public Function CddbGetTrackTitle (

nCdDriveIndex as integer,

nTrackIndex as integer

) as String



public string CddbGetTrackTitle (

short nCdDriveIndex,

short nTrackIndex




public: string CddbGetTrackTitle (

short nCdDriveIndex,

short nTrackIndex








Number representing the zero-based index of the involved CD drive.

Installed CD drives can be enumerated using the GetCdDrivesCount method and their friendly description can be retrieved through the GetCdDriveDesc method.


Number representing the one-based index of the CD audio track.

The total number of available audio tracks on the given CD can be obtained using the GetCdNumTracks method.



Return value






Empty string

The value of the nCdDriveIndex parameter was out of range. Use the value returned by the GetCdDrivesCount method in order to know how many CD drive are currently installed on the system.

Valid string

The CD track title