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CastingPlayerDone event

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Occurs when a player completes a casting session previously created by one between the CastingCreateFromStreamMixer, CastingWmaPubPointOpenForStreamMixer or CastingWmaNetworkOpenForStreamMixer methods and started through the CastingStart method .


Further information about management of casting sessions can be found inside the How to use the control as a source for streaming servers like SHOUTcast tutorial.

For further details about synchronization through Events see the How to synchronize the container application through events tutorial.





[Visual Basic]

Public Event CastingPlayerDone As CastingPlayerDoneEventHandler



public event CastingPlayerDoneEventHandler CastingPlayerDone;



public: __event CastingPlayerDoneEventHandler CastingPlayerDone;



Event Data


The event handler receives an argument of type CastingResultEventArgs having the following parameters:







Unique identifier of the casting session returned by a previous call to CastingCreateFromPlayer, CastingWmaPubPointOpenForPlayer or CastingWmaNetworkOpenForPlayer methods.


The result of the operation. See the LastError property for details about the returned result code.