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MIDI.VoicesGet method

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Obtains the maximum number of voices to play at a time for supporting polyphony on the loaded MIDI stream. The maximum number can be modified through the MIDI.VoicesSet method.

The default number of voices for MIDI streams can be determined through the MIDI.VoicesDefaultGet method.


For further details about the use of MIDI protocol see the MIDIMan class section and the How to deal with MIDI protocol tutorial.





[Visual Basic]

Public Function VoicesGet (

nPlayerIndex as Int16,

ByRef nVoices as Int16

) as enumErrorCodes



public enumErrorCodes VoicesGet (

Int16 nPlayerIndex,

ref Int16 nVoices




public: enumErrorCodes VoicesGet (

Int16 nPlayerIndex,

Int16 __gc *nVoices










Number representing the zero-based index of the involved player


Reference that, on return from the method call, will contain the maximum number of voices to play at a time.



Return value






Negative value

An error occurred (see the LastError property for further error details)

enumErrorCodes.NOERROR (0)

The method call was successful.