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How to install the component on your development PC

How to add the component to your projects

Adding the component to a Windows Forms project (.NET Frameworks from 2 to 4)

Adding the component to a Windows Forms project (.NET 5, 6 and Core 3.1)

Adding the component to a WPF project

How to port existing projects for compilation for .NET framework 4

How to use the component in your projects

How to synchronize the container application with the component

How to synchronize the container application through events

How to synchronize the container application through callback delegates

Use under Borland Developer Studio 2006

How to deal with multi-player features

How to work with single songs and video clips

How to access settings of audio devices in Windows Vista and later versions

How to work with multiple output devices and speakers

How to manage audio flow through WASAPI

How to manage ASIO drivers

How to create and manage a playlist

How to use the Automatic Fader

How to use custom Stream Mixers

How to play video files through DirectShow

How to render video clips in full screen

How to grab frames from video files

How to use the video mixer

How to combine the video mixer and the automatic fader

How to deal with MIDI protocol

How to manage Volume Automation

How to create custom volume curves

How to use the embedded Visual Feedbacks

How to use the Enhanced Spectrum Analyzer

How to perform custom feedbacks rendering using graphic bars

How to obtain the sound's waveform

How to scroll the sound's waveform during playback

How to mix your songs

How to integrate with Microsoft's Speech API

How to use the control as a source for streaming servers like SHOUTcast

How to create and use an Equalizer

How to apply special effects to a playing sound

How to manage custom DSP effects

How to manage VST effects

How to detect beats positions and BPM

How to add Triggers and Cue Points to a player

How to retrieve information about loaded songs

How to read TAG information in sound files

How to retrieve basic TAG information from the sound loaded into a player

How to deal with latency

How to play Internet stream and radio stations

How to protect your music through encryption

How to export the loaded song into a WAV file

How to load and play sounds recorded by Audio Sound Recorder for .NET

How to get Audio CD info using CDDB servers

How to get pictures of CD covers

How to manage delayed playbacks

How to manage lyrics coming from LRC files

How to access BASS library functionalities directly

How to detect silent portions of sound files

How to manage download sessions

How to decode media files

How to generate wave tones, noises, DTMF tones and text to speech

How to use the TracksBoard to visually compose songs

How to manage ZIP files

How to enumerate and download video/audio clips from YouTube

How to recognize music and obtain related information

How to use enumerated types