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MixerGetDesc method

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Retrieves the friendly description of the requested mixer. This method is very useful when you have to fill a combo box with the friendly names of the available mixers.


The total number of available mixers can be obtained using the MixerGetCount method.


IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT THE WINDOWS VERSION: This method is only intended for usage when the operating system is Windows XP or older versions; for Windows Vista and higher versions it's recommended using methods exposed by the CoreAudioDevicesMan class.





[Visual Basic]

Public Function MixerGetDesc (

nIndex as Int16

) as String



public string MixerGetDesc (

Int16 nIndex




public: string MixerGetDesc (

Int16 nIndex









Number representing the zero-based index of the mixer whose friendly name must be retrieved


Return value






Empty string

The value of the nIndex parameter was out of range. Use the value returned by the GetMixersCount method in order to know how many mixers are currently installed on the system.

Valid string

The string containing the friendly description of the requested mixer.