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EnableCdTracksPrebuff method

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Enables/disables pre-buffering of CD tracks.


Certain types of CD drives will not allow accessing a certain CD drive from two concurrent processes: by default, in order to free as soon as possible the CD drive, this control performs a pre-buffering in memory of the whole track's PCM allowing a faster release of the CD drive; a further advantage of pre-buffering is the fact that it allows the control to start loading a new CD track into a player while another CD track is still playing on another player.

The drawback with pre-buffering is the amount of RAM required to store the PCM of a full CD track: with normal CD tracks, containing songs whose duration is between 3 and 6 minutes, this won't be an issue but with other longer tracks there could be a certain memory load which could cause unwanted side effects: for this reason CD tracks whose duration is longer than 10 minutes aren't pre-buffered and, using this method, you have the option to avoid pre-buffering for shorter tracks also.





[Visual Basic]

Public Sub EnableCdTracksPrebuff (

bEnable as Boolean




public void EnableCdTracksPrebuff (

bool bEnable




public: void EnableCdTracksPrebuff (

bool bEnable









Boolean value that specifies if the control must automatically perform pre-buffering for CD tracks whose duration is less than 10 minutes.

Supported values are the following:

Mnemonic constant



Pre-buffering is disabled

true (default)

Pre-buffering is enabled



Return value