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AudioExtensionAdd method

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Adds a file extension to the list of file extensions considered as belonging to audio formats.


Certain video formats, like WMV, MP4 and DIVX, can be loaded by the control as audio tracks (causing the video stream to be ignored), through the LoadSound method or as video clips (having both audio and video streams) through the VideoPlayer.Load method; when files of these formats are inserted inside a playlist file, the control will consider them as video clips by default so will try to load them through DirectShow: through this method you can instruct the playlist manager to consider these formats as being simple audio tracks instead of video clips so only the audio stream will be managed and the video stream ignored.





[Visual Basic]

Public Sub AudioExtensionAdd (

strExtension as string




public void AudioExtensionAdd (

string strExtension




public: void AudioExtensionAdd (

string strExtension









String containing the file extension, for example WMV or MP4.



Return value