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TagsReader.WMA_UniqueFramesCountGet method

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Obtains the number of unique frames found inside the WMA tag. The identifier of each unique frame can be obtained through the TagsReader.WMA_UniqueFramesIdGet method.


Certain WMA frames, for example the "WM/Picture" one, can be available in multiple instances inside the same WMA tag: when this method is called, the enumeration will not keep count of multiple instances of a specific frame but will only report the availability of the frame itself; once the availability of a specific frame is known, single specific frames of type "WM/Picture" can be enumerated using the TagsReader.WMA_PictureFrameCountGet method.


For further details about methods related to tags reading refer to the TagsReaderMan class.

For details about the reading of tags see the How to read TAG information in sound files tutorial.





[Visual Basic]

Public Function WMA_UniqueFramesCountGet (

) as Int16



public Int16 WMA_UniqueFramesCountGet (




public: Int16 WMA_UniqueFramesCountGet (




Return value






Negative value

An error occurred (see the LastError property for further error details)

Other values

The number of unique frames found inside the WMA tag