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VuMeter.KeepCountOfVolume method

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Specifies if the VU-Meter must keep count of the volume set into the DirectSound buffer of the given player, through a previous call to the StreamVolumeDirectSoundBufferSet method, in order to calculate the volume level. This method has no effect without a previous call to the VUMeter.Create method.


For further details about using the embedded VU-Meter refer to the VUMeter class section.

For details about using Visual Feedbacks refer to the How to use the embedded Visual Feedbacks section.





[Visual Basic]

Public Function KeepCountOfVolume (

nPlayerIndex as Int16,

bKeepCountOfVolume as Boolean

) as enumErrorCodes



public enumErrorCodes KeepCountOfVolume (

Int16 nPlayerIndex,

bool bKeepCountOfVolume




public: enumErrorCodes KeepCountOfVolume (

Int16 nPlayerIndex,

bool bKeepCountOfVolume









Number representing the zero-based index of the player that will use the VU-Meter


Boolean flag that specifies if the VU-Meter must keep count of volume.

Supported values are the following:




Doesn't keep count of volume set through the StreamVolumeDirectSoundBufferSet method: in this case the VU-Meter will always display the original volume level of the sound being played.

true (default)

Keeps count of volume: in this case any change to the player's volume performed through the StreamVolumeDirectSoundBufferSet method will be reflected into the visualization of the VU-meter and into values reported by the CallbackForPlayersEvents delegate invoked with the nEvent parameter set to EV_VUMETER



Return value






Negative value

An error occurred (see the LastError property for further error details)

enumErrorCodes.NOERROR (0)

The method call was successful.