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ConvertAutomationGetFilePathname method

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Returns the absolute pathname of one of the source sound files added to the conversion automation list.

The total number of source sound files currently available inside the conversion automation list can be obtained through the ConvertAutomationGetFilesCount method.


For further information about sound files conversion see the How to convert format of sound files tutorial.





[Visual Basic]

control.ConvertAutomationGetFilePathname (

nIndex as Long

) as String



LPCTSTR control.ConvertAutomationGetFilePathname (

long nIndex










Number representing the zero-based index of the output device whose friendly name must be retrieved



Return value






Empty string

The value of the nIndex parameter was out of range. Use the value returned by the ConvertAutomationGetFilesCount method in order to know how many sound files are available inside the conversion list.

Valid string

The string containing the friendly description of the requested output device.