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ConvertSoundFilePerc event

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Occurs during conversion of a sound file to inform about the advancement percentage.

The sound file conversion may have been started through the ConvertFile, ConvertFileRaw or ConvertAutomationExecute methods.


For further information about sound files conversion see the How to convert format of sound files tutorial.





[Visual Basic]

ConvertSoundFilePerc (

ByVal nFileIndex as long,

ByVal nPercentage as integer




void ConvertSoundFilePerc (

long nFileIndex,

short nPercentage









This parameter always assumes value 0 if the event is generated after a call to the ConvertFile or ConvertFileRaw methods

In case of a conversion automation session, started through the ConvertAutomationExecute method, this parameter represents the zero-based index of the list of sound files being converted..


Number representing the current percentage of advancement for the file conversion.