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EncodeFormats.MP2.EncodeMode property

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enumMp2EncodeModes for Visual Basic

short for Visual C++




The encoding mode used for MP2 format during exporting sessions.

Supported values are the following:

Mnemonic Value

Numeric value




Encode using the Constant Bitrate (CBR) specified inside the EncodeFormats.MP2.CBR property. In this mode, the bitrate will be the same for the whole file. It means that each part of your mp2 file will be using the same number of bits. The musical passage being a difficult one to encode or an easy one, the encoder will use the same bitrate, so the quality of your mp2 is variable. Complex parts will be of a lower quality than the easiest ones. The main advantage is that the final files size won't change and can be accurately predicted.



Encode using the custom string defined inside the EncodeFormats.MP2.CustomString property.


This property is used if the EncodeFormats.FormatToUse property is set to ENCODING_FORMAT_MP2


For further details about encoding in MP2 format refer to the MP2 object section.

For further information about available encoding formats see the EncodeFormats object.