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WaveAnalyzerLineMoveEnd event

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Occurs at the end of the movement through the mouse of a graphic item of type "vertical line" inside the waveform analyzer.


For details about the use of the Waveform Analyzer refer to the How to use the Waveform Analyzer section.

For further details about methods of the Waveform Analyzer refer to the WaveformAnalyzer object section.





[Visual Basic]

WaveAnalyzerLineMoveEnd (

ByVal nUniqueID as Integer,

ByVal nPosInMs as Long




void WaveAnalyzerLineMoveEnd (

short nUniqueID,

long nPosInMs









Unique identifier of the vertical line; this unique identifier matches the unique identifier used when the custom line was created through the WaveformAnalyzer.GraphicItemVerticalLineAdd method.


Position of the vertical line expressed in milliseconds