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WaveformScroller.SetViewLength method

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Sets the length of the waveform scroller's view in terms of displayed milliseconds. The current length of the view can be obtained through the WaveformScroller.GetViewLength method.


For further details about methods of the Waveform scroller refer to the WaveformScroller object.

For a tutorial about the use of Waveform scrollers refer to the How to scroll the sound's waveform during playback tutorial.





[Visual Basic]

control.WaveformScroller.SetViewLength (

hWndWaveformScroller as OLE_HANDLE,

nLengthInMs as Long

) as enumErrorCodes



short control.WaveformScroller.SetViewLength (

OLE_HANDLE hWndWaveformScroller,

long nLengthInMs









Handle of the control returned by a previous call to the WaveformScroller.Create method


Length of the view in milliseconds; by default this value is set to 10000, meaning that the waveform scroller will display 10 seconds of sound.

This value must be big enough to guarantee that one pixel on the view is provided for each millisecond of sound: if the provided value should be smaller, the component would automatically adapt it and the updated length in milliseconds could be verified through the WaveformScroller.GetViewLength method.



Return value






Negative value

An error occurred, check the LastError property value in order to get the error code

enumErrorCodes.ERR_NOERROR (0)

The method call was successful