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EncodeFormats.WMA.CBR property

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[Visual Basic]

Public Property CBR As Int32



public Int32 CBR {get; set;}



public: __property Int32 get_CBR();

public: __property void set_CBR(Int32);




The Constant Bitrate (CBR), expressed in bits per second (bps), used for WMA (Windows Media Audio) format during an encoding sessions.


Note that, depending upon the chosen input format, not all of the bitrate values are supported.


The full list of Constant Bitrates, supported by a certain frequency and number of channels, can be obtained using the EncodeFormats.WMA.GetEncodingCBRCount and EncodeFormats.WMA.GetEncodingCBRmethods.


This property is used only if the EncodeFormats.FormatToUse property is set to ENCODING_FORMAT_WMA and the EncodeFormats.WMA.EncodeMode property is set to WMA_ENCODE_CBR_STD_16, WMA_ENCODE_CBR_PRO_16 or WMA_ENCODE_CBR_PRO_24.


For further details about encoding in WMA format refer to the EncodeWMA class section.

For further information about available encoding formats see the EncodeFormatsMan class.