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EncodeFormats.WMA.Quality property

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[Visual Basic]

Public Property Quality As Int32



public Int32 Quality {get; set;}



public: __property Int32 get_Quality();

public: __property void set_Quality(Int32);




The Variable Bitrate (VBR) quality used for WMA (Windows Media Audio) format.


Supported values are in the range from 0 (low quality) to 100 (high quality): note that, depending upon the chosen input format, not all of the values inside this range are supported.

The full list of VBR qualities, supported by a certain frequency and number of channels, can be obtained using the EncodeFormats.WMA.GetEncodingVBRQualitiesCountEx and EncodeFormats.WMA.GetEncodingVBRQualityEx methods.


This property is used only if the EncodeFormats.FormatToUse property is set to ENCODING_FORMAT_WMA and the EncodeFormats.WMA.EncodeMode property is set to WMA_ENCODE_VBR_QUALITY.


For further details about encoding in WMA format refer to the EncodeWMA class section.

For further information about available encoding formats see the EncodeFormatsMan class.