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EncodeFormats.ACM.CodecFormatIndex property

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[Visual Basic]

Public Property CodecFormatIndex As Int16



public Int16 CodecFormatIndex {get; set;}



public: __property Int16 get_CodecFormatIndex();

public: __property void set_CodecFormatIndex(Int16);




Zero-based index of the specific format for the ACM codec used for a recording, CD ripping or exporting session: the ACM codec can be modified through the EncodeFormats.ACM.CodecIndex property.


This property is used only if the EncodeFormats.FormatToUse property is set to ENCODING_FORMAT_ACM and the when the EncodeFormats.ACM.EncodeMode property is set to ACM_ENCODE_USE_CODEC_INDEX.


For further details about using the Windows Audio Compression Manager refer to the EncodeACM class section.

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