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EncodeFormats property (RO)

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[Visual Basic]

Public Property EncodeFormats As EncodeFormatsMan



public EncodeFormatsMan EncodeFormats {get;}



public: __property EncodeFormatsMan* get_EncodeFormats ();


This property is Read-only




The object used to take advantage of encoding and resampling capabilities exposed by the control.


This property encapsulates the functionality of the EncodeFormatsMan class.


When using the API from legacy development environments like Visual Basic 6 or unmanaged Visual C++, where communication is performed through COM interoperability, this object can be accessed through its COM interface exposed by the EncodeFormatsGet method so, if in C# you access the object like this:


Visual C#


audioSoundEditorApi.EncodeFormats.FormatToUse = enumEncodingFormats.ENCODING_FORMAT_MP3;



in other languages you will use the following syntax


Unmanaged Visual C++


audioSoundEditorApi->EncodeFormatsGet()->FormatToUse = enumEncodingFormats.ENCODING_FORMAT_MP3;



Visual Basic 6


audioSoundEditorApi.EncodeFormatsGet().FormatToUse = enumEncodingFormats.ENCODING_FORMAT_MP3;



The same applies to sub-properties of the EncodeFormatsMan class as well so the following C# code:


Visual C#


audioSoundEditorApi.EncodeFormats.MP3.EncodeMode = enumMp3EncodeMode.MP3_ENCODE_PRESETS;



in other languages will be like this:


Unmanaged Visual C++


audioSoundEditorApi->EncodeFormatsGet()->MP3Get()->EncodeMode = enumMp3EncodeMode.MP3_ENCODE_PRESETS;



Visual Basic 6


audioSoundEditorApi.EncodeFormatsGet().MP3Get().EncodeMode = enumMp3EncodeMode.MP3_ENCODE_PRESETS