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ConvertAutomationExecute method

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Starts the conversion automation session.

A conversion automation session can be stopped at any time through a call to the ConvertFileCancel method.


During the execution of the conversion session the CallbackConvertFilePerc delegate is invoked in order to notify about the percentage of advancement of each single file added to the conversion automation session and the CallbackConvertFileDone delegate is invoked in order to notify when the conversion of each single file is completed.


For further information about sound files conversion see the How to convert format of sound files tutorial.

For further details about callback delegates see the How to synchronize the container application with the API tutorial.





[Visual Basic]

Public Function ConvertAutomationExecute (

) as enumErrorCodes



public enumErrorCodes ConvertAutomationExecute (




public: enumErrorCodes ConvertAutomationExecute (




Return value






Negative value

An error occurred. Check the LastError property value in order to see the last error.

enumErrorCodes.ERR_NOERROR (0)

The method call was successful.