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OnVstParamChanged event

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Occurs when a parameter of the VST has been changed through its own editor.


This event replaces the usage of the CallbackVstParamChanged delegate and is only intended for usage with applications developed using Visual Basic 6 (which results unreliable when dealing with delegates and callbacks) and, in order to be enabled, requires a call to the COMEventsEnable method.


For further details about managing a VST effect refer to the How to manage VST effects section.

For further details about methods related to the use of special effects refer to the EffectsMan class.





[Visual Basic 6]

Private Sub EditorApi_OnVstParamChanged ( _

ByVal nIdVST as Long, _

ByVal nParamIndex as Long, _

ByVal fValue as Single _



where "EditorApi" is declared in Visual Basic 6 code as:


Dim WithEvents EditorApi As AudioSoundEditorApi.AudioSoundEditorApiObj



Event Data







Unique identifier of the VST effect as returned by the Effects.VstLoad method.


Zero-based index of the parameter


The new value of the given parameter