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OnZipOperationPerc event

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Occurs during a ZIP operation in order to inform about the total advancement percentage.

The ZIP operation could have been started through a previous call to one between the ZIP.EntryAdd, ZIP.EntryAddFromMemory, ZIP.EntryExtractToFile or ZIP.EntryExtractToMemory methods.


This event replaces the usage of the CallbackZipOperationPerc delegate and is only intended for usage with applications developed using Visual Basic 6 (which results unreliable when dealing with delegates and callbacks) and, in order to be enabled, requires a call to the COMEventsEnable method.


For further details about methods for ZIP management refer to the ZipMan class.

For details about using ZIP management refer to the How to manage ZIP files tutorial.





[Visual Basic 6]

Private Sub OnZipOperationPerc ( _

ByVal nPercentage as Integer, _



where "DjStudioApi" is declared in Visual Basic 6 code as:


Dim WithEvents DjStudioApi As AudioDjStudioApi.AudioDjStudioApiObj



Event Data







Number representing the percentage of advancement of the ZIP operation.