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SoundComposer property (RO)

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[Visual Basic]

Public Property SoundComposer As SoundComposerMan



public SoundComposerMan SoundComposer {get;}



public: __property SoundComposerMan* get_SoundComposer ();


This property is Read-only




The embedded sound composer.


This property encapsulates the functionality of the SoundComposerMan class.


When using the API from legacy development environments like Visual Basic 6 or unmanaged Visual C++, where communication is performed through COM interoperability, this object can be accessed through its COM interface exposed by the SoundComposerGet method so, if in C# you access the object like this:


Visual C#


audioSoundEditorApi.SoundComposer.SessionInit (44100, 2);



in other languages you will use the following syntax


Unmanaged Visual C++


audioSoundEditorApi->SoundComposerGet()->SessionInit (44100, 2);



Visual Basic 6


audioSoundEditorApi.SoundComposerGet().SessionInit 44100, 2



For further details about sound composing see the How to compose a sound tutorial.