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EncodeFormats.ResampleNativeFormatsGetCount method

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Retrieves the number of supported recording formats.

The friendly description of each recording format can be obtained using the EncodeFormats.ResampleNativeFormatGetDesc method.


This method can be called only when the Status property is different from RECORD_STATUS_NOT_READY.


For further details about encoding and resampling options refer to the EncodeFormats object section.




[Visual Basic]

control.EncodeFormats.ResampleNativeFormatsGetCount (

nInputDevice as integer

) as integer



short control.EncodeFormats.ResampleNativeFormatsGetCount (

short nInputDevice










Number representing the zero-based index of the input device. Use the value returned by the GetInputDevicesCount method in order to know how many input devices are currently installed on the system and the GetInputDeviceDesc method in order to retrieve the friendly name of each input device.




Return value






Negative value

An error occurred, check the LastError property value in order to see the error code meaning

> 0

The method call was successful.