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CdRippingSize event

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Occurs, during a CD ripping session, to notify the actual size of ripped sound data.





[Visual Basic]

CdRippingSize (

ByVal nCdDriveIndex as integer,

ByVal nCdTrackIndex as integer,

ByVal nDataSize as long




void CdRippingSize (

short nCdDriveIndex,

short nCdTrackIndex,

long nDataSize









Number representing the zero-based index of the CD drive that fired the event. The total number of available CD drives can be obtained using the GetCdDrivesCount method.


Number representing the one-based index of the CD audio track that is being ripped.


Number representing the actual size, expressed in bytes, of ripped data:


if ripping directly to memory, this value indicates the amount of memory occupied by ripped sound data
if ripping directly to file, this value indicates the actual file size.


This value is limited to a maximum of 32 bits; for larger coverage its recommended using the CdRippingSizeDouble event.