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EncodeFormats.ResampleMode property

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enumResampleModes for Visual Basic

short for Visual C++




The resampling mode used during recording, exporting or CD ripping sessions.

Supported values are the following:

Mnemonic Value

Numeric value




Custom resampling format which requires specifying the resampling frequency inside the EncodeFormats.ResampleCustomFrequency and the number of channels inside the EncodeFormats.ResampleCustomChannels



Native resampling format which requires specifying, inside the EncodeFormats.ResampleNativeFormat property, the index of one of the resampling formats supported by the sound card in use.

Native formats can be used only in presence of a sound card.

This option is not supported when the InitDriversType method has been invoked with the nDriverType parameter set to DRIVER_TYPE_WASAPI.

This option is not supported when recording from a RAW audio queue started through the StartFromQueueRaw method.


This property is ignored for recording sessions when the EncodeFormats.ForRecording property is set to ENCODING_FORMAT_WMA and the EncodeFormats.WMA.EncodeMode property is set to WMA_ENCODE_PROFILE.


For further details about encoding and resampling options refer to the EncodeFormats object section.