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How to mix sounds to your recording session

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Active Sound Recorder allows mixing a sound, coming from different sources, to current contents of a recording session; mixing can be enabled by setting the recording mode to REC_MODE_MIX through a call to the SetRecordingMode method and configured through the following methods:

if you simply need setting the mixing position where the new recorded sound will be mixed to the recording session contents use the SetMixingPos method.
if you need setting the mixing position, a mixing range and volumes applied to both sounds use the SetMixingParams method: as a further feature, this method allows rendering in loop the new recorded sound, a very useful feature if you need applying a background sound to your recording session; it's important to note that, if the input sound file in loop mode should exceed the defined range limit, it would be in any case mixed until its completion so no unwanted cut would result on the input sound.


At this point you can start mixing the new recorded sound using one of the recording methods like StartFromDirectSoundDevice, StartFromFile, etc.