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CdDriveReadMaxAllowedErrors method

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Sets the maximum number of allowed errors, before stopping the CD ripping session, when an error persists during the reading of the same sector of a CD track.





[Visual Basic]

control.CdDriveReadMaxAllowedErrors (

nMaxErrors as long




void control.CdDriveReadMaxAllowedErrors (

long nMaxErrors









Maximum number of allowed errors. Set this parameter to -1 if you don't want blocking the ripping in case of many read errors. By default this value is set to -1.

This number has a different meaning respect to the number of retries set through the CdDriveReadRetriesNumberSet method: the number of retries fixes the maximum number of attempts a CD sector should be read before giving up and replacing faulty sectors with silence while this parameter sets the maximum number of allowed errors before forcing the stop of the CD ripping session.


Return value