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CdDriveSpeedChange event

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Occurs when the speed of the CD drive is automatically reduced after an error occurs during the reading of a CD track.


Automatic speed reduction, disabled by default, can be enabled through the CdDriveAutoSpeedSet method.





[Visual Basic]

CdDriveSpeedChange (

ByVal nCdDriveIndex as integer,

ByVal nNewSpeed as long




void CdDriveSpeedChange (

short nCdDriveIndex,

long nNewSpeed









Number representing the zero-based index of the CD drive that fired the event. The total number of available CD drives can be obtained using the GetCdDrivesCount method.


Number representing the new speed of the CD drive expressed in Kbytes per second.

You can divide the speed by 176.4 to get the real-time speed multiplier; if for example the returned values should be 7096, the operation to perform would be

7096 / 176.4 = "40x".