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PositionMarkerDescGet method

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Obtains the friendly description of the given position marker.


For details about recording from input devices see the How to perform a recording session tutorial.





[Visual Basic]

control.PositionMarkerDescGet (

nUniqueId as long

) as string



LPCTSTR control.PositionMarkerDescGet (

long nUniqueId









Number representing the unique identifier of the position marker.

The number of available position markers can be retrieved at the end of the recording session through the PositionMarkerCountGet method and, for each position marker inside the list, the related unique identifier.can be obtained through the PositionMarkerUniqueIdGet method.




Return value






Empty string

The value of the nUniqueId parameter was invalid or the friendly descriptor of the position marker was left empty when calling the PositionMarkerAdd method.

Valid string

The string containing the friendly description of the requested position marker.