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CddbServersListAvailable event

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Occurs when the list of CDDB servers, requested through a previous call to the CddbRequestServersList method, is available.


For further details about synchronization through Events see the How to synchronize the container application through events tutorial.





[Visual Basic]

Public Event CddbServersListAvailable As CddbServersListAvailableEventHandler



public event CddbServersListAvailableEventHandler CddbServersListAvailable;



public: __event CddbServersListAvailableEventHandler CddbServersListAvailable;



Event Data


The event handler receives an argument of type CddbServersListAvailableEventArgs having the following parameters:







The number of CDDB servers found. If this parameter value is 0, this means that an error occurred during the connection to the CDDB site.


The friendly name for each server can be retrieved at a later time using the CddbGetServerName method.