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RecordingDuration event

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Occurs, during a recording session, to notify the actual recording duration in milliseconds.


It's important to note that, in case the recording session should have been started in append, mix, overwrite or insert mode (through the SetRecordingMode method), this event would only report the duration of the current recording session and not the overall duration that would result after finalizing the recording session with the previous one. If you want to know the current position of the recording session, which would take count of a previous recording session, the RecordingPosition event would be the way to go.


For further details see the How to perform a recording session section.

For further details about synchronization through Events see the How to synchronize the container application through events tutorial.





[Visual Basic]

Public Event RecordingDuration As RecordingDurationEventHandler



public event RecordingDurationEventHandler RecordingDuration;



public: __event RecordingDurationEventHandler* RecordingDuration;



Event Data


The event handler receives an argument of type RecordingDurationEventArgs having the following parameters:







Number representing the duration, expressed in milliseconds, of the current recording session