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GraphicItemBuddyTextGet method

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Obtains the buddy text of a graphic item over the waveform's graphics.


For details about graphic items management on the waveform analyzer refer to the How to add graphic items to the Waveform analyzer section.





[Visual Basic]

control.GraphicItemBuddyTextGet (

nUniqueId as Long,

ByRef hFontText as OLE_HANDLE

) as String



LPCTSTR control.GraphicItemBuddyTextGet (

long nUniqueId,










Unique identification number assigned to the graphic item.

The unique identification number of a graphic item is generated using one of the following methods:

GraphicItemHorizontalLineAdd for horizontal lines
GraphicItemVerticalLineAdd for vertical lines
GraphicItemWaveRangeAdd for wave ranges


Reference that, on return from the method call, will contain the handle (HFONT) of the font used for rendering the text.

In order to avoid leaks of system resource, when the font is no more needed the container application should free it by calling the DeleteObject function of the Windows API.



Return value






Empty string

Information not available or an error occurred (see the LastError property for further error details)

Valid string

The string of the buddy text