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WaveScrollerManualScroll event

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Occurs when a manual move is performed through the mouse on the waveform scroller.


For further details about methods of the Waveform scroller refer to the WaveformScroller object.

For a tutorial about the use of Waveform scrollers refer to the How to scroll the sound's waveform during playback tutorial.





[Visual Basic]

Public Event WaveScrollerManualScroll As WaveScrollerManualScrollEventHandler



public event WaveScrollerManualScrollEventHandler WaveScrollerManualScroll;



public: __event WaveScrollerManualScrollEventHandler WaveScrollerManualScroll;



Event Data


The event handler receives an argument of type WaveScrollerManualScrollEventArgs having the following parameters:







Handle of the waveform scroller control returned by a previous call to the WaveformScroller.Create method


New sound position expressed in milliseconds after a manual scrolling operation